Happy Campers (mostly)

Booked last year and hotly anticipated by us all, our first festival/camping experience took place last weekend at Camp Bestival. We learned many things: Putting up a tent in gale force winds is quite tricky We swear too much, judging by our 3 year old's potty mouth There are not enough waterproofs in the world … Continue reading Happy Campers (mostly)


Birth, Death and the Little Bit Inbetween

I’ve had this post whirling around in my head for a while, but haven’t had the heart to write it until now. That’s because it’s about death. Whoop! Yes I know. I’m all about the LOLs.  Of course, it’s an upsetting subject – and a taboo one. No-one loves thinking about death do they? But … Continue reading Birth, Death and the Little Bit Inbetween