Hey! Toddlers! Here’s why YOU should cherish every moment

Us parents are quite often told we should hold on to these precious moments of our babies/toddlers lives because, before too long, they’ll have flown the nest and you’ll long for the days you could smell their hair without it being weird and snuggle up with them on the sofa. I do get that, I really do. Of course these are the times to be treasured. But they are also the times of shit – both literal and metaphorical. I propose that it’s the toddlers who should be treasuring their every second right now. And, in a little list to my very own toddler, here’s why:

barnaby ball pit

It’s all fun and games til some other kid jumps on your face

  1. You wake up in the morning and ask me what we’re doing that day, expecting a fairly packed entertainment schedule. We may go to a playgroup, a park…actually that’s about it. But still, the days are very much focused on what will keep you happy. Enjoy that. It does not last long.
  2. Your only responsibility is tidying up and even then I help out. You have no responsibilities. Do you realise how lucky you are? Do you realise how many of the buggers are going to be thrown at you as you grow? Of course you don’t, which leads me onto:
  3. You are so incredibly fortunate to be able to live in the moment. There are adults out there subscribing to apps, paying for courses and reading books on mindfulness. You, however, have got it down. The only real concern you have is when you’re next eating (to generalise. You do love your food).
  4. You have the power to make adults do ridiculous things in exchange for a quiet life. Like the other day when you banged a saucepan while I was cooking and shouted Dance Mummy, DANCE!” Did I dance? Yes. Yes I did.
  5. You can shout out “I NEED A POO!” in the middle of any quiet activity and people will indulge you, rolling their eyes and shaking their heads with a slight smile. Try it as an adult. No, really. Give a go one day and see what happens.

I genuinely wish you could stay in these moments, because they are truly, truly special. I’ll hold on to them for you as you grow – and I’ve got your back when the shit really starts hitting the fan.




3 thoughts on “Hey! Toddlers! Here’s why YOU should cherish every moment

  1. Squirmy Popple says:

    You’re so right – they don’t realise how lucky they are! Especially the bit about making us do ridiculous things – I can’t tell you how many stupid songs I’ve sung and stupid dances I’ve done just to make my toddler smile. #chucklemums

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