Confessions of a Terrible Blogger

It’s coming up to a year since my very first blog post and got me thinking about the things I’ve learned in the last 10 months or so.

When I set up the blog,  I guess I just needed an outlet. I hadn’t thought about where it would go and it’s been fun to just bash out a post when I feel like it. I had NO IDEA about the world of blogging when I set this up and felt hugely overwhelmed by all the apparent necessities.  There are approximately 40 trillion people blogging about parenting, and some of them are putting their heart and soul into it. They have loads of loyal followers, they join in with Twitter and Facebook conversations 24/7, and are generally on top of their game.

For a while, I thought if I wasn’t doing all those things there was no point in even blogging. So I set about tweeting and growing an audience. I followed other bloggers and commented on their posts. I spent ages searching for the right (royalty free) stock images or tried to take an arty shot or two of my own. And it’s been great to a certain extent, because I’ve found some truly excellent blogs and met some really fantastic people through it.

But, after a while, I realised I couldn’t sustain it and it was sucking the fun out of blogging  for me. And so, naturally, I felt like a bit of a failure for not being able to keep up with the big boys. I’ve since changed my thinking on that, though.

Blogging has been a little creative outlet for me and it’s SUCH a thrill to see ANY readers, comments and likes. I don’t need thousands (although, obviously thousands are more than welcome). I’ve had a couple of lovely messages from people I don’t know saying they can relate to something I’ve written. I’ve had a few opportunities to write for money. And I’ve just been invited to a local blogging family event, which I’m very excited about.

So, really, what I’m saying is this….. if you fancy having a go at something but are put off by all the mega successful other people doing it, fear not. Do it in your own way, learn new stuff and enjoy it. As a society, we’re geared towards reaching goals and climbing ladders but life’s too short to make something that should be a fun hobby be all about the grind.

And big thanks to those who do read my very infrequent, imperfect blog! xxx




One thought on “Confessions of a Terrible Blogger

  1. Louise says:

    I get really excited when I receive an email notification that you’ve written a new blog – I bloody love them. You rock girl! Keep them coming xx


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