Hi. I’m Lizzie: a teacher, writer, former account director and now full time mum to a toddler and a baby.

Like many mothers, when I had my first child, I scrambled around for my identity. Where had it gone? Who was I now, other than target practice for snot, poo and sick? To anyone who asked if I’d gone back to work, I found myself saying  “oh, I’m just a mum” or “I’m just at home at the moment.” When actually, these phrases don’t do motherhood any justice. In fact, life now consists of being a chef, nutritionist, cleaner, activities co-ordinator, chaffeur, doctor, child psychologist and general cart horse.  Organisational levels have rocketed and I can single handedly assemble a 105 piece Peppa Pig house. All useful skills, no? I used to thrive on feedback at work, but couldn’t expect my husband to give me a monthly review (and, let’s face it, any “constructive critisicm” would not have been warmly received).

Now three years on and another baby on the scene I’ve started to find myself again, although it’s not been easy. Motherhood has changed me in ways I hadn’t really expected. I wanted to share what I’ve learned along the way – it might just help another mother who’s trying to claw back her identity (or form a new one).

I wanted to add a picture to this page but couldn’t find one of just me. So I took one on my iphone. No make-up, frizzy hair after swimming with my daughter and a line where my cheap hairband had just been sitting. Obviously, I wanted to delete it, straighten my hair, apply a bit of mascara and try again another 20 times. But actually – this is me. One of the (many) things that winds me up is the Instagram/Facebook lives we all project to each other. They are all edited to include only the amusing, amazing and awe-inspiring. I’m thinking of starting up a real life social platform – ShitFace, perhaps. You can only share the photos of yourself looking terrible/having a hard time. Somehow, though, I don’t think it’ll be very popular.

Anyway, this is me, as I am.


You can find me on:

Twitter: @theID_thieves

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theidentitythieves/

email: theidentitythieves@outlook.com

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