The Art of Parental Negotiation

"I did the last one" "You had a lie in last Saturday!" "Because I'm always cooking the bloody food." Just three examples there of the negotiating tactics employed by me and my husband on a regular basis (mostly weekends and holidays). Negotiation has become a key element of our relationship now that we have two small children. … Continue reading The Art of Parental Negotiation


Dear CBeebies – It’s Not You, It’s Me.

Dearest CBeebies, I love you. I wanted to start by saying that, just so you know I truly mean it. You are a beacon of light, a chance to drink tea, a break from the ridiculous role play demands of my toddler. There is nothing offensive about your programming; it is innocent, endearing and often educational. You've never … Continue reading Dear CBeebies – It’s Not You, It’s Me.